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Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

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Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Masters of Science in Taxation (MST)

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (GCBA)

Graduate Program

A message from the Director

Prospective Students

About our Program


2 Applying to the MBA Program

3 Tuition and fees

Current Students

Important information

1 Course Schedule

2 Graduate Course Descriptions

4 How to Graduate?

6 News and events

Contact Information

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Current Students
Course Schedule


Spring 2010 MBA Schedule

Summer 2010 Tentative MBA Schedule

Fall 2009 MBA Schedule

Summer 2009 MBA Schedule

Spring 2009 MBA Schedule


Graduate Courses


Foundation Courses for MBA Program

Core Course Descriptions for MBA Program

MBA Electives

Are you on track to graduate?


The All-purpose form is used for several request that you make as a graduate student. For more information on what you need to request and when please review these instructions. Once you complete the All Purpose Form, please deliver it to JH 3109 for further instructions.

Have you filed for graduation?

This form is filed with Admissions and Records and requires a $47 processing fee. You can download the Masters Degree and Diploma Application here. This request needs to be comleted the semester prior to your expected graduation date.

Have you passed the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam?

State law requires that all students pass this short exam prior to receiving a degree from a CSU. You can get additional information here.

News and Events

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