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New Students

Freshman students at convocation

Together, Health and Human Development students, faculty, staff and community improve the quality of life for others through research, education, and action.

Academic Programs in the College of Health and Human Development:

Through nine academic departments, eight community-focused centers, and engagement in the campus wide Institute, the College of Health and Human Development is  focused on health, well-being and the choices we make about how we live.

Through our degree programs, you can get the expertise you need for a dynamic professional career. Credential programs are also available in Physical Education, Single subject; and Speech Language Pathology Services.

Academic Programs are offered through our Departments:

Using Strategy to Get to Graduation:

"Which courses should I take--and in what order?"


students and advisor in conversationA faculty advisor will work with you to plan each semester and help with course selection. Through advising, you'll also learn to build working relationships professionals in the community.

For a broader view of the college and to find out more about your options go to: Student Services Center/Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). They can also help if you're new to a major or perhaps dealing with academic, financial or personal challenges.

The Office of Undergraduate Studies also has information about Academic Advising including The Student Guide to Academic Advisement (.pdf). Please visit their site for more information, including checklists for new students, exam dates, and information on enrollment limits).

Are you ready for Graduate School?  Visit the Office of Graduate Studies.




Updated 08-2016