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2017/18 Humanities Research Fellow Proposal

Countering Islamophobia: Critical Feminist Interventions through Scholarship and Pedagogy

Khanum Shaikh, Ph.D. 

I am currently collaborating with a group of 4 scholars from different UC campuses in Southern California who work on issues of gender and sexuality, Islam and Islamophobia, and transnational Muslim communities. The purpose of our group is two-fold: first, to generate a scholarly dialogue among feminist scholars around the centrality of gender in epistemologies of Islamophobia; second, to develop the outlines of a Critical Feminist Pedagogy that counters epistemologies of difference which are at the core of anti-Muslim rhetoric. This multidisciplinary impetus (Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies and Anthropology), that draws on various Muslim cultures (Malaysian, Pakistani, Iranian, Sudanese, and Egyptian) from across multi­campus locations (UCLA, UCI, UCR, and CSUN) aims at producing theoretical and pragmatic interventions into Islamophobia, a public discourse that is of immediate concern in today's sociopolitical landscape.

Complete proposal (PDF)