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Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

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California State University‚ Northridge´s College of Business and Economics Graduate Programs are created to satisfy the wants and needs of the working professional adult. These programs are constantly being modified and updated to adapt to the ever changing domestic and international business environment. In addition‚ new programs are being added on a continuing basis to address new business areas. The programs combine academic rigor with relevance to prepare leaders for today´s and tomorrow's challenges.

The MBA program focuses on developing leaders with an in–depth understanding of general business strategy‚ collaborative teamwork‚ leadership‚ and the skills and ethical framework to practice principled business decision–making.

One of the cornerstones of experiential learning in the CSUN MBA program is our MBA Consulting Project. This course enables students to deliver professional level consulting services to companies and organizations throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. The project is conducted by a group of four or five students who work under the guidance of a member of the faculty. Typical projects focus on market feasibilty studies‚ business plans‚ marketing plans‚ new venture start–ups‚ and new product introduction plans.

The College of Business and Economics is pleased to announce that CSUN has launched a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration beginning in the fall 2006 semester. This program is aimed at expanding the knowledge base and career options of two groups of students: 1) non-business graduates who are not interested in an MBA‚ and 2) business and non–business graduates who are interested in the MBA program and need some additional academic preparation.

In addition, CSUN will offer a Masters of Science in Taxation in fall 2007. The program will consist of eight courses to provide students with an in–dept knowledge in key areas in the field of taxation. Each course integrates into its curriculum and pedagogy‚ written communication skills‚ tax research skills‚ and critical thinking skills. Some courses also integrate compilation and analytical review‚ oral communication skills‚ as well as ethics and professional responsibility.

CSUN´s College of Business and Economics Graduate Programs offer exciting opportunities for companies looking for top notch MBA graduates to fulfill their managerial rank and programs to enhance their existing workforce. Our programs are specifically designed for working professionals who are seeking a way to enhance their career. If you are looking for a way to improve your company or your career‚ we will help you accomplish your goals.