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Anti-Virus Software

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use up-to-date anti-virus software on personal computing devices. Anti-virus software is required on any device that connects to campus network resources. Anti-virus software protects devices from malicious software code intending to harm your system or steal private information. Visit the Software Downloads page and sign in using your CSUN Username and Password. After signing in you will have access to download anti-virus software for your computing platform (Windows and Macintosh). Currently, recommended products for home use are:


Windows and Mac computers provide built-in firewalls to protect against unauthorized network access to your computing device. Instructions for enabling the firewall on Windows 7, 8, and Mac OS X 5+ are:


Spyware or tracking software is any technology that aids in the unauthorized gathering of personal information from a computing device. Spyware is a form of virus and can be installed unknowingly by downloading and installing untrusted software. Only download and install trusted software. If you suspect that your computer has spyware installed, use of Spybot–S&D can help to identify and remove this unwanted software.