College Vision and Strategic Plan

students working in a computer labThe College seeks to provide the highest quality Liberal Arts education in the field of Social & Behavioral Sciences while at the same time providing students with sound applied and professional training.  Over its 31 year history, the College has adapted to the changing nature of higher education, the changing demands of its urban environment and of society, and to the world’s expanding knowledge base. As a college serving one of the world’s most diverse urban regions, we have a special commitment to studying the problems of urban America and contributing to the betterment of our society by preparing graduates to be active leaders in urban societies. We believe we should provide our students with diverse ways of understanding and solving problems facing America in the global context.  Embracing such a focus, our faculty is encouraged to conduct research, develop curriculum and internship opportunities which benefit the community and region and contribute to active learning.  The College vision can be summed up in one word:  Relevance.  Through the College’s commitment to applied social science research students acquire the critical core skills necessary for them to meet the needs of the region as well as to be competitive in the market place as either members of the workforce or graduate students.

The vision will be implemented through the college plan. All faculty and staff hiring requests support the delivery of the vision goals and college plan. The plan is structured around three strategic themes which have four core priorities;  all proposed activities and objectives promote these strategic themes and reflect the core priorities. In order to implement the themes and priorities the college will pursue strategic goals.  

Achievement of Outcomes Set in the 2010/11 & 2011/12 Plans (.pdf)


1. Maintain excellence in teaching with high quality student support services.
2. Support faculty and student research activities.
3. Engage with wider community.
4. Focus resources to deliver priorities.


Academics Matter
Students Matter
Community Matters


Applied training where possible
Urban focus where possible
Knowledge of global context
Facilitate community based research
Widen relationship with community and provide opportunities for life long learning
Maintain commitment to continuous improvement of student experience
Support and develop research capabilities of faculty and students

Archived Report

Strategic Plan 2007-2010 (.pdf)