Residence Halls Association


The Residence Halls Association (RHA) is an organization with the goal of promoting a healthy academic and social environment while serving as the student voice for concerns of the community in CSUN Student Housing. RHA provides engaging programs for students to get involved, and hosts regular community meetings to discuss concerns and suggestions.

Apply for RHA Executive Board


Residence Halls Association is currently recruiting for its 2018-2019 Executive Board. Apply online at www.tinyurl.com/csunrhaeboard.

Available Positions:
RHA President
RHA Recruitment and Training Manager
RHA Finance Manager
RHA Marketing and Media Manager
RHA Operations Manager

Recruitment Timeline
• Monday, 02/05/18- RHA Exec Board Application Open
• Monday, 02/12/18- RHA Exec Board Info Session (3 one-hour sessions) (7-10pm, Building 21 MPR)
• Wednesday, 02/21/18- RHA Exec Board App Closes (11:59pm)
• Tuesday, 02/27/18- RHA Exec Board Group Process (5-7pm, MPR)
• Friday, 03/02/18- RHA Exec Board Individual Interviews
• Friday, 03/09/18- RHA Exec Board Individual Interviews
• March 12-16, 2018- RHA Exec Board Notification

Questions? Contact us at

Upcoming Events

RHA Master Schedule of Events


Dates subject to change

August 2017
DateEvent TypeEvent NameTimeLocation
8/24SocialGreat Escape Leadership Day: Sponsored by RHA2pm-5pmCSUN Student Housing
8/26SocialRHA Block Party6pm-10pmCSUN Student Housing
8/27SocialWelcome Week: Summer Splash2pm-6pmBuilding 12 Pool
8/28SocialWelcome Week: Express Yo’ Self7pm-10pmBuilding 21, MPR
8/29SocialWelcome Week: CSUN Olympics5pm-8pmSports Lawn
8/30SocialWelcome Week: Northridge Lights7pm-10pmBuilding 21, MPR
September 2017
DateEvent TypeEvent NameTimeLocation
9/5RecruitmentPCD Info Session5pm-6pmBuilding 21, MPR
9/6RecruitmentPCD Info Session7pm-8pmBuilding 21, MPR
9/10RecruitmentPCD Application Due (11:59pm)11:59pmONLINE
9/12RecruitmentPCD Group Interviews4pm-10pmBuilding 21, MPR
9/15RecruitmentPCD Notification DayAll DayONLINE
9/19MeetingFirst General Board Meeting5pm-6pmBuilding 21, MPR
9/22-9/24TrainingRHA Fall RetreatAll DayPali Mountain
9/26MeetingCommunity Town Hall5pm-6pmBuilding 21, MPR
October 2017
DateEvent TypeEvent NameTimeLocation
10/3MeetingGeneral Board Meeting5pm-6pmBuilding 21, MPR
10/10SocialResident Appreciation Week: Rise & Shine9am-11amCSUN Student Housing
10/10MeetingGeneral Board Meeting5pm-6pmBuilding 21, MPR
10/11SocialResident Appreciation Week:Sidewalk Mixer12pm-3pmCSUN Student Housing
10/12SocialResident Appreciation Week: Coffee House5pm-8pmBuilding 21, MPR
10/17MeetingGeneral Board Meeting5pm-6pmBuilding 21, MPR
10/24MeetingCommunity Town Hall5pm-6pmBuilding 21, MPR
10/31MeetingGeneral Board Meeting5pm-6pmBuilding 21, MPR
November 2017
DateEvent TypeEvent NameTimeLocation
11/1PhilanthropyMatadors Care (Start)All DayCSUN Student Housing
11/7MeetingGeneral Board Meeting5pm-6pmBuilding 21, MPR
11/14MeetingGeneral Board Meeting5pm-6pmBuilding 21, MPR
11/17PhilanthropyMatadors Care (End)All DayCSUN Student Housing
11/21MeetingGeneral Board Meeting5pm-6pmBuilding 21, MPR
11/28MeetingCommunity Town Hall5pm-6pmBuilding 21, MPR
December 2017
DateEvent TypeEvent NameTimeLocation
12/5MeetingGeneral Board Meeting5pm-6pmBuilding 21, MPR
12/6SocialcRHAm: Finals Preparedness3pm-7pmBuilding 21, MPR/Suites Courtyard
January 2018
DateEvent TypeEvent NameTimeLocation
1/24SocialWild Wild West7pm-10pmBuilding 21, MPR/Suites Courtyard
1/26-1/27TrainingRHA Spring RetreatAll DayCSUN Student Housing/Campus
1/30MeetingGeneral Board Meeting5pm-6:30pmBuilding 21, MPR
February 2018
DateEvent TypeEvent NameTimeLocation
2/6MeetingGeneral Board Meeting5pm-6:30pmBuilding 21, MPR
2/13MeetingGeneral Board Meeting5pm-6:30pmBuilding 21, MPR
2/5-2/12FundraiserCupid Gram Buying PeriodAll DayCommunity Center/Learning Center & PCD’s
2/13FundraiserCupid Gram DisbursementAll DayCSUN Student Housing
2/13SocialSpread The Love4pm-7pmBuilding 21, MPR/Suites Courtyard
2/20MeetingGeneral Board Meeting5pm-6:30pmBuilding 21, MPR
2/27MeetingCommunity Town Hall5pm-6:30pmBuilding 21, MPR
March 2018
DateEvent TypeEvent NameTimeLocation
3/13MeetingGeneral Board Meeting5pm-6:30pmBuilding 21, MPR
3/20No MeetingGeneral Board Meeting Canceled- Spring Break5pm-6:30pmN/A
3/27MeetingCommunity Town Hall5pm-6:30pmBuilding 21, MPR
April 2018
DateEvent TypeEvent NameTimeLocation
4/10MeetingGeneral Board Meeting5pm-6:30pmBuilding 21, MPR
4/17MeetingGeneral Board Meeting5pm-6pmBuilding 21, MPR
4/19SocialMatachella6pm-11pmSports Lawn
4/24MeetingCommunity Town Hall5pm-6:30pmBuilding 21, MPR
May 2018
DateEvent TypeEvent NameTimeLocation
5/1MeetingGeneral Board Meeting5pm-6:30pmBuilding 21, MPR
5/8MeetingGeneral Board Meeting5pm-6:30pmBuilding 21, MPR
5/9SocialcRHAm12pm-4pmBuilding 21, MPR/Suites Courtyard

Social Media

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What is the RHA Fee?

This one-time annual fee is charged to all CSUN Student Housing residents and it is established to partially fund the Residence Halls Association (RHA). RHA is essentially your student governing board in housing that promotes student advocacy and plans engaging events for residents to enjoy.

Your $15.00 goes a long way! Not only do we plan the largest-scale events in Student Housing, but we also work to respond to resident concerns within the residential experience.

If you have further questions about this fee, please contact Residence Halls Association (RHA) at rha@csun.edu or (818) 677 -6532

If you are looking to opt out of the RHA Fee, please fill out the inquiry form at http://tinyurl.com/csunrhafee. Once you have completed the form, please allow 2 business days to process your request.

Past Event Highlights

Park Council Directors

What is a PCD?

Park Council Directors (PCDs) are RHA members and selected leaders for each of the residential communities (Park North, Park South, Park East, Park West, Suites North, Suites South, and the University Village Apartments). Park Council Directors act as liaisons between the residential community, and the Student Housing staff. They meet weekly with the Residence Halls Association (RHA) executive board to discuss program and student concerns. If you are interested in getting involved as a Park Council Director, please email rha@csun.edu

Park West (Building 1,2 & 3)
PCD NameEmail
Rebeca Garciaparkwestpcd@gmail.com
Arlenn Galvanparkwestpcd@gmail.com
Vivian Hidalgoparkwestpcd@gmail.com
Park North (Building 4,5,6,7,& 8)
PCD NameEmail
Leeza Jacksonparknorthpcd@gmail.com 
Destiny Hollomonparknorthpcd@gmail.com
Yaocihuatl Reyesparknorthpcd@gmail.com
Park East (Buildings 9, 10, 12 & 15)
PCD NameEmail
Megha “Maggie” Khylani parkeastpcd@gmail.com
Isabel Villanueva parkeastpcd@gmail.com
Leslie Mercado parkeastpcd@gmail.com
Park South (Buildings 11, 13 & 14)
PCD NameEmail
Avion Bakerparksouthpcd@gmail.com 
Sam Lomeliparksouthpcd@gmail.com
Esperanza Ortizparksouthpcd@gmail.com
Suites North (Buildings 16 & 17)
PCD NameEmail
John “JT” Krossasuitesnorthpcd@gmail.com
Diana Arzatesuitesnorthpcd@gmail.com
Michelle Cardozasuitesnorthpcd@gmail.com
Suites South (Buildings 19, 20 & 21)
PCD NameEmail
Rodrigo Alvarezsuitessouthpcd@gmail.com
Brenda Galvansuitessouthpcd@gmail.com
Madison Seiffertsuitessouthpcd@gmail.com
Transfer Support Cohort (Support for Transfer Student Initiatives)
PCD NameEmail
Jesse Hernandeztransferpcd@gmail.com
Jose Valdeztransferpcd@gmail.com
Caroline Pulidotransferpcd@gmail.com


Questions? Contact rha@csun.edu for more information

Advocacy in Housing

RHA works to respond to concerns that students may have while living in CSUN Student housing. Our Park Council Directors engage with the communities they represent to voice concerns coming from other housing residents. RHA also has a platform for submitting anonymous or non-anonymous suggestions for housing leadership. To submit feedback, please visit the RHA Resident Feedback form at http://tinyurl.com/csunrhafeedback. Once this feedback is received, your Park Council Directors and Executive Board members will develop plans to respond to student concerns.

RHA Executive Board

RHA Executive Board is the leadership team that manages all aspects of the association. These individuals are responsible for planning large events, collaborating with Park Council Directors to create strategies to remedy student concerns and manage administrative duties as assigned. RHA Executive Board consists of a President, Vice-President/National Communications Coordinator, Finance Coordinator, Marketing and Media Coordinator, Administrative Coordinator and Program Specialist.

Meet the Current Executive Board

2017-2018 Board Members are:

ResponsibilityNameEmail address
RHA PresidentLugardo Chavezpresidentrha@gmail.com
RHA Vice President & National Communications CoordinatorJisel Ayonvicepresrha@gmail.com
RHA Finance CoordinatorPerla Leyvafinancerha1@gmail.com
RHA Marketing & Media CoordinatorRosamia Morales Valdezmarketingmediarha@gmail.com
RHA Administrative CoordinatorDeeja Rayadcoordrha@gmail.com
RHA Program SpecialistAngel Torresrhaprogramspecialist@gmail.com
RHA AdvisorMatthew Sotomatthew.soto@csun.edu
RHA Graduate AssistantDalila Melgarrha@csun.edu


Lugardo Chavez, RHA PresidentLugardo Chavez, RHA President

Hello, my name is Lugardo Andres Chavez and I'm from Susanville. California. I am currently a 4th year student here at California State University, Northridge, Majoring in Criminology and Justice Studies with a Minor in Business Law. I have aspirations of becoming a police officer after my time here, and some time after I would like to pursue a new career in owning my own ranch in Mexico. If my last comment did not give away my desired destination for adventure, I would tRHAvel to Durango, Mexico, because my heart says it is home and I would love to own property, land and animals there.

 If need anything, feel free to email me at presidentrha@gmail.com and I will gladly respond within 48 hours. 

 Si quiere comunicarse conmigo porfavor de mandarme un mensaje a mi correo electronico presidentrha@gmail.com y con gusto tratare de responder a su mensaje dentro de 48 horas.


Jisel Ayon, RHA Vice President & National Communications CoordinatorJisel Ayon, RHA Vice President & National Communications Coordinator

My name is Jisel Ayon and I am the vice president and national communications coordinator for Residence Halls Association. I am a second year at CSUN, majoring in Speech Pathology and minoring in Musical Theater. I am working on becoming fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). Some of my favorite things include pandas, Broadway, romantic comedies, music, stand-up comedians, and sour patch watermelon. If I could tRHAvel anywhere, I would tour Europe, going to Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Greece, and England. But my priority is Italy because I love all things pasta!

 If you have any questions or want to get in contact with me you can email me at vicepresrha@gmail.com.


Perla Leyva, RHA Finance CoordinatorPerla Leyva, RHA Finance Coordinator

Hello, I am Perla Leyva and I am from Lamont California. I am currently a Junior here at CSUN majoring in Communication Disorders, Speech Pathology. I am happy to say I will be your new finance coordinator and I am very excited for what is to come this coming year!  I enjoy drawing on my free time as well as trying new foods anytime and anywhere. I hope soon to tRHAvel to Kenya in Africa to stay at the Giraffe sanctuary hotel and be woken up by giraffes! I would love to visit this place because giraffes have always been one of my favorite animals since I was small. If I could own a giraffe, I would most definitely would! 

If you want to contact me you can email me at financerha1@gmail.com.  (Hablo Español) 


Rosamia Morales Valdez, RHA Marketing & Media Coordinator Rosamia Morales Valdez, RHA Marketing & Media Coordinator

My name is Rosamia Morales Valdez. I was born in Lima, Peru, and moved to East Palo Alto, CA when I was eight years old. I am a senior majoring in Marketing. I am really excited to enter my fourth year, and hopefully graduate this upcoming spring. I love listening to music especially Latino Music (Salsa, Afro Peruvian music, Merengue and Cumbia) and Hip- Hop.  I can’t wait to start meeting and getting to know everyone. If I could tRHAvel anywhere in the world, I would tRHAvel to South America (I can’t pick just one country) because I would love to go back to Peru and see my family. Also, visit Brazil since its one of the countries I have always wanted to tRHAvel to.

If any of you have questions about RHA or life at CSUN both academically and socially, you can email me at marketingmediarha@gmail.com.  (Hablo Español)


Deeja Ray, RHA Administrative Coordinator Deeja Ray, RHA Administrative Coordinator

Hello, my name is Deeja Ray and I'm the Administrative Coordinator for RHA! I'm in my second year at CSUN studying Computer Science. I was born in Inglewood but I was raised in Lancaster A.K.A the desert. Back home I live with my mom and little brother and we love going to Universal Studios Hollywood (we've gone 5 times since we got passes in June: D). If I could tRHAvel anywhere I would go to England because I've wanted to go there since I was 13 :)

If you want to ask me any questions you can contact me at adcoordrha@gmail.com.


Angel Torres, RHA Programming SpecialistAngel Torres, RHA Programming Specialist

Hi my name is Angel Torres, I am an athletic and active person. I like playing sports, especially soccer. I love being outdoors, and listening to music. I am into philosophy and I am a deep thinker. I am in my Senior year. I am an English as a subject matter major, with an emphasis on literature Program Specialist. If I could tRHAvel anywhere in the world, I would travel to the Galapagos Islands for the nature, the scenery, and for the possibility of adventure.

If you want to contact me you can email me at rhaprogramspecialist@gmail.com. (Hablo Español)  


Matthew Soto, RHA Advisor

 Matt Soto serves as the Coordinator for Residential Student Engagement, and the Advisor for RHA. He got his B.A. in Communication from California Lutheran University, and his M.A. in Educational Administration from CSUN. He has worked at CSUN since 2013 and is passionate about leadership, engagement, social justice and service. If Matt could tRHAvel to anywhere in the world, it would be to return to Florence, Italy, where he studied abroad in college.

If you would like to contact Matt, you can email him at

Dalila Melgar, RHA Graduate Assistant

Hi my name is Dalila Melgar. I am the graduate assistant for RHA. I am excited to be a part of the team and can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us. I am currently in my second year of graduate school. I am pursuing my Master’s in Counseling with an emphasis in College Counseling & Student Services. I am passionate about working with 1st generation, freshman students and supporting, advocating and guiding them through the college experience. If I could tRHAvel anywhere in the world, it would have to be Hawaii. It’s my dream place and I would love to explore the culture, beaches and food there J.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at rha@csun.edu (Hablo Español)