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2018/19 Humanities Research Fellow Proposal

Linguistic Resistance: Spanish Language Use and its Impact on Two Southwestern Communities

Ana Sanchez-Munoz, Ph.D. 

This research examines Spanish language use in public spaces in the first year of the Trump administration. In particular, I examine the impact of fear on shifting linguistic trends and the potentially negative consequences of language suppression on the health and well being of the Latino/a population. The questions I aim to address are (1) whether there has been a recent shift in terms of the quantity or the type of Spanish used by Latinas/os given the current climate of fear (including overt anti-Latino and anti-Spanish sentiments by the current administration and increased deportations). And (2) whether suppressing the use of the native language leads to a change of attitude toward seeking a number of services including mental health by monolingual Spanish-speakers. This study proposes that aversion to these types of services may be exasperated by the experiences of emotional pain caused by living tln·ough humiliation, linguistic discrimination, oppression and other sources of suffering.

Complete proposal (PDF)